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Giving to Build God's Kingdom

Help us make the Archery Shoot a success.

The BC Grant Annual Archery Shoot is first and foremost a God serving ministry. Our purpose is to lead people to our Lord and Savior. As this is one of the largest FREE archery shoots anywhere, we rely on donations to fund the event. We are very appreciative to receive donations in any amount to help make this event a success!


Thank you for donating to the Archery Shoot to help us in our mission of reaching people with the life-giving message of Jesus. As many people have entered into a new-found relationship with Christ during this event over the years, please know that it couldn’t happen without your generosity. We are truly grateful for your donation.

May God bless you.

BC Grant Baptist Church Archery Shoot

For questions or information, please contact:

Jason Blackburn :706-499-8014
Rob Blackburn: 706-499-4262
Kevin Stephens :706-499-7696